How does our service work?

Taking out a lifetime mortgage is a serious decision and we believe that this should not be taken without specialist financial advice. The Retirement Lending Advisers can provide you with the advice you need to help make the right choice for your circumstances.

1 Finding out the facts

The first stage of the process is a fact find. We can do this over the phone or we can visit you at home. The choice is yours, just call us and we will arrange a time that is right for you.

We will ask you a number of questions about your financial situation, whilst helping you to consider your future plans and what you would like for your family. This allows us to build a full picture of your life, your expectations and how equity release could help you. Sometimes the right advice is not to buy an equity release product. So you can be sure you’ll get the right advice for your circumstances.

2 Presenting the facts

If a lifetime mortgage is right for you we will produce a personalised recommendation and if it isn’t we will explain why. In either case we can talk you through our recommendation over the phone or visit you in your home. Your adviser will discuss this with you when the fact find is completed. We strongly recommend that you involve your family in any decision to proceed with a lifetime mortgage and encourage them to come along to any meetings we have with you.

3 Proceeding forward

If you decide to proceed with a lifetime mortgage then our adviser will help you appoint a solicitor and arrange for all of the necessary paper work to be completed. This will be passed to Legal & General Home Finance so that they can get started with approving your application. This will include an up to date valuation of your house.

Questions & Answers

Q. How long does it take to complete the process to get a lifetime mortgage?

The typical application takes 10-12 weeks between being received by Legal and General Home Finance and the funds arriving in your bank account. During this time, we’re here to help and advise you with any questions you might have about the mortgage process including legal documentation and, of course, a valuation of your property.

Q. How much does the advice and personal recommendation cost?

You won’t pay an upfront fee for the advice provided by The Retirement Lending Advisers.

Q. Why can’t I buy equity release products direct from the providers?

Deciding to take a lifetime mortgage is an important decision that requires specialist advice to ensure that it is right for your circumstances. Providers, including Legal & General Home Finance, trust advisers such as ourselves to deliver the right outcomes for their customers.


This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks ask for a personalised illustration.